Glass French Press

Thermotastic French Press is used for making coffee.  Thermotastic French Press makes great coffee. Add freshly ground coffee topped with boiled water. Allow brewing for 4 minutes and press down on the plunger to lock in your coffee's scent. The used coffee grounds can remain in the pot until you serve all of the coffee. The plunger-style brewing method delivers you pure coffee admired for its richness. Making coffee with Thermotastic French Press is one of the best ways to bring out the true flavor from your coffee.

Borosilicate Glass French Press‏

Designed to brew the finest gourmet coffees and steep the finest lane teas in the world. Always use coarse ground coffee in a coffee press removable diswasher safe bealcer heavyweight construction secondary grounds filter in lid heat resistant therm. glass Microwave Safe, Dishwasher safe, Ceramic Stovetop Safe IL, 34 oz. capacity

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Glass French Press


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Glass French Press


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